Why the mobile phone is ruining in fashion in 2017

The essential item in everyone’s toolbox… The mobile phone.
Yes, it’s something we can’t live without. But I’m going to tell you three reasons why it’s the worst thing for fashion since short shorts.

  • It’s too big

Remember the days when mobile phones were so sleek that they actually looked attractive? Well those days are gone because all the best phones out there today are big, bulky and certainly not pretty.

  • The radio-frequency energy it emits is bad for our health

Yes, studies have shown that this is in fact true, and is causing negative effects to our looks and health. To be a little bit safer, rather use headphones, as they tend to reduce the radiation emitted.

  • It’s giving us double chins

Probably the less obvious effect of all. How many times have you looked down in order to read something from your phone on the table? Newsflash: This is creating an indentation in your chin and making you less attractive every time you do it. Yep, I think I’ll stick to reading articles on my desktop from now on.

So that’s exactly why I refuse to use my mobile phone. Perhaps phones with a turn-dial key need to be brought back?