Top 4 new fashion trends in 2017 that you didn’t know about

So here we go. Every year we see new fashion trends come to the public eye. Last year it was the iphone watch. The year before the furby. The year before that the sports backpack.

Here are the top trends to hit the streets in 2017:

  1. The lemon juice bottle

Believe it or not, this item really is gaining a trend amongst the youths of 2017. Probably from the more health-conscious ones, but I’ve seen a double in the number of people holding these bottles since a year ago.

2. The pinky ring

Why this item is regaining popularity, I don’t know. Maybe people are trying to look like American mobsters or something. Personally, I’m not a fan at all. I’m more of a thumb ring fan, but I guess I can see the appeal with it. And it seems other people are too.

3. The nose ring

It used to be huge in the 1980s, but all of a sudden it’s really gained popularity. I really love this accessory on people who can pull it off. On hipster and rocker girls I think it can look great!

4. The shot glass

Ok, so probably not one you’d expect to see here. But I’ve been to 2 parties in the past 4 months, and both times I saw girls walking around holding these small glasses.

Have any others I’ve missed? Just comment below. We’d love to hear from you . x