Fashion Accessories You’d be Surprised to Find in a Gym in the 2010s

Now the gym isn’t exactly a place where you’ll find the most fashionable attire.

However, for a laugh, we ventured into some of New York City’s most underground academies. Boy, were we surprised at the audacity of some of the attire we found.

We’ve compiled our list of five of the most humorous items we saw below for your enjoyment.


The headband

An item that we thought went out of fashion after aerobics infomercials in the 1970s. We still saw some men and women sporting this retro piece of headgear. What’s more is that some had short hair, and some had longer hair, so we couldn’t quite figure out whether the headband was a fashion accessory or a way to protect the face from a mop of hair while doing a heavy set of squats.


The gloss-pink elbow pad

One of the more surprising things we saw on a ca. 30 year old man was the shiny pink elbow pad. Perhaps he though he was going skating in Hawaii or something, but someone forget to tell him the dress code! He would’ve been better taking a dose of Testogen before his workout instead. At least that would’ve made him seem more manly!


The tie-dyed t-shirt

I’m not entirely sure how exactly this makes an individual stronger or focus better (unless they’re high on drugs maybe), but this is the one accessory that really blew my mind! So much so that I didn’t quite know how to respond when I saw it, other than to just stand there stunned in silence with my jaw down to my knees. I can’t say that I’ll be taking up this accessory any time soon – it’s definitely a tad too audacious for me.


The helmet

Okay, so maybe this person had had been drinking, and needed to wear the helmet to protect them in case they started stumbling and falling in their drunk state.

I don’t know.

What I’m hoping is that the person in question had just finished up at the gym, and was just about to jump onto their bike and cycle home



Now apart from the obvious safety hazard that this creates, it is not a good look to be sporting at the gym. Even if you’ve just come back from the beach, or are on your way to the beach, this accessory is not something I would recommend for obvious reasons – dropping a dumbbell (of any weight) onto your toe is not a pleasant feeling! (And I am not speaking from experience here)

Not to mention the fact that this is New York City! It’s close to 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside, which put the man at risk of getting frostbite.

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