Top 4 new fashion trends in 2017 that you didn’t know about

So here we go. Every year we see new fashion trends come to the public eye. Last year it was the iphone watch. The year before the furby. The year before that the sports backpack.

Here are the top trends to hit the streets in 2017:

  1. The lemon juice bottle

Believe it or not, this item really is gaining a trend amongst the youths of 2017. Probably from the more health-conscious ones, but I’ve seen a double in the number of people holding these bottles since a year ago.

2. The pinky ring

Why this item is regaining popularity, I don’t know. Maybe people are trying to look like American mobsters or something. Personally, I’m not a fan at all. I’m more of a thumb ring fan, but I guess I can see the appeal with it. And it seems other people are too.

3. The nose ring

It used to be huge in the 1980s, but all of a sudden it’s really gained popularity. I really love this accessory on people who can pull it off. On hipster and rocker girls I think it can look great!

4. The shot glass

Ok, so probably not one you’d expect to see here. But I’ve been to 2 parties in the past 4 months, and both times I saw girls walking around holding these small glasses.

Have any others I’ve missed? Just comment below. We’d love to hear from you . x

Why the mobile phone is ruining in fashion in 2017

The essential item in everyone’s toolbox… The mobile phone.
Yes, it’s something we can’t live without. But I’m going to tell you three reasons why it’s the worst thing for fashion since short shorts.

  • It’s too big

Remember the days when mobile phones were so sleek that they actually looked attractive? Well those days are gone because all the best phones out there today are big, bulky and certainly not pretty.

  • The radio-frequency energy it emits is bad for our health

Yes, studies have shown that this is in fact true, and is causing negative effects to our looks and health. To be a little bit safer, rather use headphones, as they tend to reduce the radiation emitted.

  • It’s giving us double chins

Probably the less obvious effect of all. How many times have you looked down in order to read something from your phone on the table? Newsflash: This is creating an indentation in your chin and making you less attractive every time you do it. Yep, I think I’ll stick to reading articles on my desktop from now on.

So that’s exactly why I refuse to use my mobile phone. Perhaps phones with a turn-dial key need to be brought back?

Best 3 Natural Fat Burners For Women That You wouldn’t want to miss!

3 best fat burning supplements

I know..darling..

Summer is coming! And OMG, it’s April now and you are still looking at yourself in the mirror?
Wondering whether there is a fat burner out there that can help you lose all that extra weight. And if there is, which is the best one?

Don’t fret.

I was like that myself.

Always obsessing about my weight for years and years, all with no outcome.

Well, looking at myself in the mirror and getting frustrated just led to nothing..

No results!

As women we constantly get jealous and envious of those skinny and sexy babes around us and we don’t stop a minute to realize all the work and effort they’ve put into getting those sexy bodies.


The best way to achieve weight loss is have a good healthy diet and workout at least 3 to 5 times per week.

Now when we work out we tend to gossip a lot and chat about what Jenny and Lorna did on the weekend, or the guy they are seeing.

What we really should be doing is timing ourselves and ensuring we are walking hard towards our goals.

Because I know that we are a few months from summer I’ve compiled a list of the best fat burners that will help you lose to extra pounds of fat faster than normal.

# 1 – Phen 375

This phen375 all natural fat burner has proven to be very effective in helping lots of men and women shed lots of weight. If you don’t believe me, check out Karina’s phen375 review here.

# 2- Phen Q

Phen Q is another fat burner supplement which has been around for a while (not as long as Phen 375) above, but does prove to be an effective little supplement in getting rid of those naughty extra pounds we gained from our morning doughnuts. Wink Wink*

# 3- Phen 24

This is similar to the two supplements above, and differs in that you have to take a morning and an evening pill. That way apparently you are always burning fat in your bodies 24 hours!

As you see, Karina who has taken phen 375 was quite successful in getting some results.

If you are the type of person who still wants to burn fat naturally, you don’t have to worry about taking these supplements I mentioned above as they are all natural and made specifically for us ladies!

With that in mind, I’m sure there are some of you who are VERY OCD and just want to eat vegetables and fruits, so you can check out some of the fat burning foods here to see which foods can help you with this 🙂

Now good luck with your fat burning journey and let’s get rid of that fat!

Love xoxo


Fashion Accessories You’d be Surprised to Find in a Gym in the 2010s

Now the gym isn’t exactly a place where you’ll find the most fashionable attire.

However, for a laugh, we ventured into some of New York City’s most underground academies. Boy, were we surprised at the audacity of some of the attire we found.

We’ve compiled our list of five of the most humorous items we saw below for your enjoyment.


The headband

An item that we thought went out of fashion after aerobics infomercials in the 1970s. We still saw some men and women sporting this retro piece of headgear. What’s more is that some had short hair, and some had longer hair, so we couldn’t quite figure out whether the headband was a fashion accessory or a way to protect the face from a mop of hair while doing a heavy set of squats.


The gloss-pink elbow pad

One of the more surprising things we saw on a ca. 30 year old man was the shiny pink elbow pad. Perhaps he though he was going skating in Hawaii or something, but someone forget to tell him the dress code! He would’ve been better taking a dose of Testogen before his workout instead. At least that would’ve made him seem more manly!


The tie-dyed t-shirt

I’m not entirely sure how exactly this makes an individual stronger or focus better (unless they’re high on drugs maybe), but this is the one accessory that really blew my mind! So much so that I didn’t quite know how to respond when I saw it, other than to just stand there stunned in silence with my jaw down to my knees. I can’t say that I’ll be taking up this accessory any time soon – it’s definitely a tad too audacious for me.


The helmet

Okay, so maybe this person had had been drinking, and needed to wear the helmet to protect them in case they started stumbling and falling in their drunk state.

I don’t know.

What I’m hoping is that the person in question had just finished up at the gym, and was just about to jump onto their bike and cycle home



Now apart from the obvious safety hazard that this creates, it is not a good look to be sporting at the gym. Even if you’ve just come back from the beach, or are on your way to the beach, this accessory is not something I would recommend for obvious reasons – dropping a dumbbell (of any weight) onto your toe is not a pleasant feeling! (And I am not speaking from experience here)

Not to mention the fact that this is New York City! It’s close to 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside, which put the man at risk of getting frostbite.

By the way, click here to find out how to look good after a night out.

Inspired by:

Fashion Accessories You Won’t Find in a Bathroom Cabinet 60 Years Ago

So you’ve built a time machine that’s made you go back in time 60 years. How you’ve done it doesn’t matter. But you’ve discovered the ground-breaking technology and you’ve gone back in time to see how your grandparents lived.

You’re in your grandparent’s old house. It’s a quaint little house, but at the same it has an endearing charm which gives you a similar nostalgia to the imaginary friend you had when you were growing up.

You venture into the living room.

Your grandparents are there. They’re hosting guests. People you’ve never seen before.

Everyone is getting along well.

Your granddad, handsome as he is in his youthful years, lights up a cigar. While your grandma, with pristine skin and looking like a 1950s screen-star, puts the kettle on to make a cup of tea for the guests.

You have no idea who the guests are, a man and a woman, also attractive. But everyone is laughing and having a jovial time.

“Grandma!” You shout as you run up to her and embrace her.

She can’t hear you. She can’t see you.

Your heart sinks, as ever since your grandma’s passing 3 years ago, you’ve always wanted to see her again.

You venture into the main bedroom. It has an en-suite. You walk inside. You open the cabinet.

Your mouth opens in shock, because the following three items which you have in your bathroom now, and which you believe are absolute essentials, are not in your grandparents’ bathroom

  • Natural Coffee Exfoliator

Was this product really only invented in the 20th century?

If only it was discovered during your grandparent’s time, cellulite and dead skin could have been eliminated so much more efficiently!

You gasp, as you can’t believe that coffee, a natural fruit which has been around for centuries, was only discovered as a beauty accessory less than 10 years ago… Unbelievable!

  • Collagen Face Cream

An essential product for beautiful people trying to maintain their young looks, “how can it have only been discovered so recently?!” You think to yourself, as you have think back to a discussion you were having with your best friend about the best collagen creams online and in the shelves the other week.

You’re 30 now, and everyone you meet tells you you look not a day older than 25. Boy are you glad that you discovered collagen creams.

Visit home also to found out how to look good after a night out

  • Concealer

“Really? There’s no concealer in grandma’s bathroom cabinet?!” You ponder to yourself.

An essential in your life for over 10 years, you wonder how she lived without it… Or perhaps her skin was just so flawless that she didn’t need it?

Who knows. You have one last look just to make sure your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

Yep, it’s not there. Perhaps your grandparents covered their blemishes with tape? Or bandaids? You figure you’ll ask your mom when you return to the 2010s.

But hang on… “Will I ever return to 2017?!” You think to yourself. Am I stuck in this era where women are confined to household duties and men out making money for the family forever!?

But then you realise that maybe it’s not so bad.

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that you won’t have to work. Perhaps you’ll even be able to meet Sylvia Plath. Or James Dean. Or Marilyn Monroe.

This can’t be as bad as you first thought. Surely.

You leave the bathroom, walk to living and sit on the couch next to granddad. You smile to yourself, thinking how lucky you are to have been able to experience the post-war era with your grandparents.

“Now if only they can see and hear me,” you think to yourself.

How to Look Good in the Desert

So you’ve decided to make a trip to the Sahara Desert. Or the Kalahari Desert. Or maybe the Arabian Desert.

Regardless of where it is you’ll be sweating like the proverbial gypsy with a mortgage, and suffering from extreme dehydration and heat exhaustion, you need to know how to look good in this environment.

If you’re actually crazy enough to make a trip out to the desert, we hope our 8tips below will help you.

  • Make sure your vehicle is suited for desert terrain

In case you get sunburnt out there, you’ll need to be able to escape really quickly. So a desert terrain vehicle (preferably twin turbo), is what you need to make sure you don’t permanently damage your skin. Also make sure you have a spare tyre, extra gas, water and oil.

  • Pack water. Litres and litres of it

Hopefully an obvious piece of advice. You won’t be maintaining your fresh face if you’re dehydrated. Nor will you be able to think properly if all you can crave is the bottle of agua. We recommend packing 10 Litres per day you plan to stay there.

  • Pack some Niacin

In case you see a snake or a wild dog, you’ll need the proper supplementation to enable you to run for your life. As described in Best Niacin Supplement , NiacinMax by Wolfson Berg works up to 45 times better than other niacin supplements, increasing oxygen delivery to the blood, brain and muscles. This will ensure that should the situation call for it, you’ll be ready to run away from whatever animal is attacking you, and ensure it doesn’t damage your skin.

  • Dress properly

If there’s ever one time to not wear a dress and stilletos, it’s when you’re miles deep in the desert. Running shoes are recommended in case you need to run for your life. And pack a spare pair of socks. You never know when they could come in handy.

  • Wear lip balm

The last thing you want to do is damage your beautiful lips. Some Blistex 30+ seems to work from our experience. Just tip your finger in a container, and rub it through your lips.

  • Stay with your vehicle

It’s the easiest thing to spot, and has mirrors, horns and lights which you can use to attract attention if you feel the sun is damaging your good looks. Make sure you have a fuel tank of petrol, and keep the air conditioning running if you can.

  • Respect the location

If you start running out of water, do not try to be a hero. Do not eat, smoke or talk. Try to preserve as much energy as you can.

  • Pack a spare set of make-up and concealer, just in case

After all, you never know who you might meet out there, it could be the love of your life 😉


So there you have it. Hopefully those 8 tips will help you next time you decide to venture out to sandy terrain full of snakes and cactuses.

Obviously we do not recommend tripping in the desert, but if you have no choice but to make a trip, then these are the tips we would give.

Make sure you listen to Jess also when she explains how to look good after a night out

Safe travels ladies and gents!