Fashion Accessories You Won’t Find in a Bathroom Cabinet 60 Years Ago

So you’ve built a time machine that’s made you go back in time 60 years. How you’ve done it doesn’t matter. But you’ve discovered the ground-breaking technology and you’ve gone back in time to see how your grandparents lived.

You’re in your grandparent’s old house. It’s a quaint little house, but at the same it has an endearing charm which gives you a similar nostalgia to the imaginary friend you had when you were growing up.

You venture into the living room.

Your grandparents are there. They’re hosting guests. People you’ve never seen before.

Everyone is getting along well.

Your granddad, handsome as he is in his youthful years, lights up a cigar. While your grandma, with pristine skin and looking like a 1950s screen-star, puts the kettle on to make a cup of tea for the guests.

You have no idea who the guests are, a man and a woman, also attractive. But everyone is laughing and having a jovial time.

“Grandma!” You shout as you run up to her and embrace her.

She can’t hear you. She can’t see you.

Your heart sinks, as ever since your grandma’s passing 3 years ago, you’ve always wanted to see her again.

You venture into the main bedroom. It has an en-suite. You walk inside. You open the cabinet.

Your mouth opens in shock, because the following three items which you have in your bathroom now, and which you believe are absolute essentials, are not in your grandparents’ bathroom

  • Natural Coffee Exfoliator

Was this product really only invented in the 20th century?

If only it was discovered during your grandparent’s time, cellulite and dead skin could have been eliminated so much more efficiently!

You gasp, as you can’t believe that coffee, a natural fruit which has been around for centuries, was only discovered as a beauty accessory less than 10 years ago… Unbelievable!

  • Collagen Face Cream

An essential product for beautiful people trying to maintain their young looks, “how can it have only been discovered so recently?!” You think to yourself, as you have think back to a discussion you were having with your best friend about the best collagen creams online and in the shelves the other week.

You’re 30 now, and everyone you meet tells you you look not a day older than 25. Boy are you glad that you discovered collagen creams.

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  • Concealer

“Really? There’s no concealer in grandma’s bathroom cabinet?!” You ponder to yourself.

An essential in your life for over 10 years, you wonder how she lived without it… Or perhaps her skin was just so flawless that she didn’t need it?

Who knows. You have one last look just to make sure your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

Yep, it’s not there. Perhaps your grandparents covered their blemishes with tape? Or bandaids? You figure you’ll ask your mom when you return to the 2010s.

But hang on… “Will I ever return to 2017?!” You think to yourself. Am I stuck in this era where women are confined to household duties and men out making money for the family forever!?

But then you realise that maybe it’s not so bad.

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that you won’t have to work. Perhaps you’ll even be able to meet Sylvia Plath. Or James Dean. Or Marilyn Monroe.

This can’t be as bad as you first thought. Surely.

You leave the bathroom, walk to living and sit on the couch next to granddad. You smile to yourself, thinking how lucky you are to have been able to experience the post-war era with your grandparents.

“Now if only they can see and hear me,” you think to yourself.